Friday, May 18, 2012

am i in the wrong?

At work, theres an so-called work-mate who always think she is a boss and tells everyone what to do. In reality, she has no status and she's only a casual worker at the service desk.

So one morning, I come into work, she stands in front of me and a customer and yells 'why are you late to work' last week? She's been doing for many times already, and talking to the customers who come in the morning and labels me the fresh produce boy who comes to work late on every weekend. I found it disrespetiveful and after that particular incident, I went and talked and discuss about the problem I had with her. I asked her not to blab about things about me to other customers because it sets a bad image of Coles and it is very unfair on me. i understand if I was late, then yes, I am in the wrong. But if she has anything aganist me, she can tell me directly, or tell a manager about it, and not in front of customers.

I see this girl as a big mouth, blabs on too much and gossips. Who wants to be around her! Pity I have to see her at work every now and then.

Now the problem is, she goes and delete me off her facebook. As we are no longer friends, now there's every chance she will backstab me, gossip behind my back and will make sure that she catches me wrong when I do something wrong!

What a BITCH she is!


Monday, January 9, 2012

They come and go!

Ever pissed someone off?

Shall you ask them how you pissed X off? or shall you just leave it? I guess it really depends on the person. I'm in this dilemma and I have no idea what I should do. I know for a fact that I have clearly pissed this person off. Not exactly knowing what I did wrong, but I could only guess. Knowing this person for so long, it seems such a pity to break such a friendship. sigh...

I shouldn't be thinking of things that make me sad. But I cannot help it! Sometimes its difficult asking someone directly what I did wrong. That's why mutual friends exists. They can help break up the 'weirdness' i guess?

At times like this, you start to reflect upon yourself? And you'll start asking questions like, am I too opinionated? am I too judgmental? am I too in your face? am I hard to get along with? am I too annoying? do I lie too much? am I a dickhead?

Thinking about these things, they are the aspect that makes me who I am! Then how on earth did I become friends with this particular person in the first place if X has accepted who I was back then (assuming I didnt change much)? I know people change and people change their preferences... sigh...but i guess thats how friends are lost at the same time.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


First. Should update on whats happening.

Approaching to the end of the exam period! Last week I had three exams. I actually had 2 weeks of swot vac to study for these exams, but it turned out I didn't study till the last minute. Partly due to the iphone coming through through the mail on the 1st week of swot vac and then we had maplestory adventures on facebook.

Anyway, Business Forecasting was the first exam. I spent a few days studying that subject, and I was most worried about this one. Luckily, I passed... I think!! Unless the lecturer decides to scale down my mark cos everyone else is so smart in the class...

Then came about Organisational Fundamentals. I spent a few hours review the subject. I think I did quite well considering the time spent on that subject. I wrote 4 essays in 3 hours. I tried to answered the questions to the best of my ability... but not sure how I exactly went. I did some questions better than others but yeh... Should pass also since I had a pretty good internal mark going into the exam. Oh, I had this class mate who rang me in the morning of this exam, asking me where the exam was... lol. That was hilarious. Seems like this class mate just didnt care?? But dunno... maybe he was just mucking around.

Then when I got home, I relaxed for the whole night because I just had consecutive exams on 2 days. The next day I was freaking out because I only had one day to review economics. I was going crazy! But it turned out to be okay. Section A I could only do 2/5 questions properly. I did answer the remaining 3 questions, but was really unsure. I think it was section B that got me over the line. I know I certainly did well for 1.5 of the questions, hence should pass because it was worth so many marks. But I stumbled on the last one, as I did a really careless mistake and it carried through the entire question!!! So was kinda pissed about that.

Now... I had one week to study for my final exam. So what do I do? I procrastinate. I go and do everything else besides STUDY! Look at me now, I am blogging on here when my exam is in 1.5 days time!! arghh!!! Bloody Modern Applied Statistics...

OKKKKay... lets get to the main topic. I'm just going to keep it short. But don't you hate it when you think people who are your friends and make promises... suddenly just back out on their promise? Like backing out is okay as long as they have a reason. But for someone to just back out of a promise without notifying me is another. This is what really disgusta me. I really hate that. Someone did this to me. This person has made a promise YONKS ago. Now... this person pretends that the promises never seem to have existed!! Maybe I am reading too much into this, but from a friend's perspective, I think I should of been told. If the person forgot a promise, I personally think I should of been told what this person was going to do, because its kind of a big deal what this person is actually doing!!!!!! And for me to find this out through other people and facebook? What a joke! So I'm going to ignore this person for a while and if this person tries to talk to me, then I will talk, but just give a one worded answer like this person has done to me. Or until this person has said sorry of some sort. Just really unfair on me. Thats enough bitching I hate bitching, but sometimes I really have to get it out of the system!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Checking in

I am in semester 2, 2011... and its already week 8.

So whats been happening so far? Assignments? Work? Things?

I did the Census gig last month which was great. a couple of grand in my pocket for doing exercise during the weekends and weeknights. Well worth it I reckon.

Uni has been okay. Some terrible subjects. Business Forecasting... Modern Applied Statistics, Organizational Fundamentals, Managerial Economics.

Economics is actually okay, because I did a similar subject 3 years ago. BF is just horrible. I have no clue what's going on. MAS... hrm, I should start studying that subject. and OF, it was quite interesting in the first couple of weeks. Now it is just dull as! But friends make it okay and makes you look forward to uni. I think if my friends didn't go to the lectures, I don't think I would personally turn up!! I had uni from 9am to 8:20pm today! JUST HORRIBLE. Tried to sleep in the arvo, but totally failed. Couldn't fall asleep because the desk wasn't too comfortable. I think I should go back to Commerce Library. They have such comfortable couches. I fell deeply asleep last time!!

Enough about the 'surface' conversations of things... let's talk something more meaningful...

Have you ever felt that you have been under-performing in a task? You know you could do better because you have done it in the past. But a combination of other things, and laziness has prevented you from doing what you want... just totally fails....!!! And you would just want to prove that you are capable of doing something? So people may stop to think that you a bloody wank and a dumb-ass and also looking down on you.

But the feeling is great as when you can finally prove to people that you can actually do it!! I got that feeling today. Re-establish myself i guess. But I still got a lot to prove. I guess that's what makes life so challenging and interesting at the same time. But makes life and feelings more satisfying if you get what I mean.

Should sleep (after xfactor)


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

procrastination as usual


i am procrastinating. haven't done much. i should since i have 3 exams next week. mon, wed and fri. worried about mon and wed. fri... not so much but still worried.

maybe i should watch some tvb to cheer me up.

went into coles today to get my discount card! horaay! got 2 cards because i am part time. and the expiry date is like a WHOLE year! so my mom won't nag me in getting it every 1/2 year. so she'll nag less!!

im studying linear stats model at the moment. wished i paid more attention in class. i think there was only a few times a really did. other times i drifted off to tvb land... other times thinking what i should do when i get home... and other times... i fall asleep!!!

okay. i shall 'try' to do some study now (after tvb)